ColoRADo Snowmobile-Accessed Backcountry

Located 10 miles Southeast of the Wolf Creek Ski Area, sitting at an elevation of 11,960' on 40 acres of private land, among the highest peaks in the Eastern/South San Juan's, and overlooking Elwood Pass. Sheepshead Cabins provides access to peaks up to 13,300' in elevation, and to endless acres of some of the snowiest mountains in ColoRADo. AVAILABILITY CALENDAR BOTTOM OF PAGE IN BOOK NOW TAB.

Suggested use is for HIGHLY EXPERIENCED backcountry snowmobilers and/or backcountry skiers/snowboarders, and those who use snowmobiles to access ski/snowboard terrain. NOT for use by beginner backcountry users/snowmobilers.

Renters should be knowledgeable of avalanches/avalanche terrain, and be self-sufficient in all aspects of responsible backcountry travel and/or rescue.

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Morning Montezuma

Winter at Sheepshead

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